February 2020  
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Bible Drill
Leader: Sasha Walters


Bible Drill gives students of all ages an opportunity to learn their books of the Bible, verses and key passages and how to apply God’s Word to their daily lives.  Through games, puzzles, activities, and lots of fun, everyone is challenged to do their best and learn the importance of integrity, as well as speaking/drilling before an audience.



 Lake Athens Baptist Church offers Bible Drill on Wednesday nights, 6-7 pm, to preschool through 2nd grade, and 3rd-6th grade.  Bible Drill on Sunday nights, 6-7 pm, is for Youth in 7th-9th grade and High School, 10th-12th grade.  High School students can also choose to prepare and deliver a speech on selected doctrinal topics for a spring competition.  Church Bible Drills are held in March and April at various levels for students that choose to compete and challenge themselves and others.